CfP: 3DCHI2012 (Submission Deadline Extended)

CHI 2012 Workshop

The 3rd Dimension of CHI (3DCHI): Touching and Designing 3D User  Interfaces on Saturday, 5 May 2012, in Austin, Texas, US

Submission Deadline (EXTENDED): February 6th, 2012

The ACM CHI 2012 Workshop on « The 3rd Dimension of CHI (3DCHI): Touching and Designing 3D User Interfaces » is the first international workshop focused on the challenges that appear when the flat digital world of surface computing meets the curved, physical, 3D space we live in.

Due to the advances in 3D technologies, designing for 3D interaction is now more relevant than ever. With more powerful engines and high resolution screens also mobile devices can run advanced 3D graphics, 3D UIs are emerging beyond the game industry, and recently, first prototypes as well as commercial systems bringing 3D display on touch-sensitive surfaces have been proposed. Several research groups started to explore the challenges, but also limitations of the 3rd dimension of HCI, and topics such as 3D UI design methods, 3D interaction techniques, and their development in the context of hardware development and quantifying perceptual limitations. The goal of the workshop is to foster discussions among participants and to provide an intensive exchange between industrial and academic researchers working in the area of 3D HCI, especially 3D UI design or touch-based interaction in 3D display environments.

The workshop solicits full and position papers. Full papers (up to 8 pages) should contain research or design work within the scope of touch interaction and 3D or stereoscopic display. Position papers (up to 4 pages) should address the same topics, but may include preliminary results or conceptual ideas. Both should be prepared in ACM HCI Archive Format.

The workshop welcomes submissions addressing one or more of the following topics:

– 3D Interaction

– Multi-touch Technology

– 3D GUI Design and User Experience (UX)

– Stereoscopic Displays

– Adaptive and Perception-inspired Interfaces

– Gesture-based Interfaces

– Psychophysiological Studies related to 3D -Tangible and Passive

– Haptics for 3D UIs

Workshop organizers:

Ken Anderson, Intel Labs

Leena Arhippainen, CIE, Univ. Oulu

Hrvoje Benko, Microsoft Research

Jean-Baptiste de la Rivière, Immersion SAS

Jonna Häkkilä, Nokia Research Center

Antonio Krüger, DFKI Saarbrücken

Daniel Keefe, University of Minnesota

Minna Pakanen, CIE, Univ. Oulu

Frank Steinicke, University of Würzburg

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