Two post-doc positions in Computational Geometry / Geometric modelling

Two postdoc positions are available at Université de Lyon (Lyon, France) in the framework of H2020 NGTMod project funded by the European union.

The goal of this project is to define the next generation technologies for modeling the full complexity 3D objects. The need to describe and handle complex geometrical objects is present in many different domains of application such as medical imaging, geology, material analysis, etc. In all these domains, we seek to describe very complex objects, in order to obtain a description of objects with a very high level of precision, and/or to describe very large objects. We are interested in combinatorial data-structures that describe subdivisions of the objects in cells (vertices, edges, faces, volumes, …) and the adjacency and incidence relation between these cells.

In this framework, two different subjects will be addressed by the two postdocs:

  • Topological representation of virtual cities: the goal of this project is to be able to represent and handle the full topological description of a digital city, like for example the city of Lyon, France (cf. VCity [1]). To do so, several solutions can be studies: distributed models; tiled data-structures; multi-scale representations… The goal here is to define data structures allowing to load, visualize and navigate through the virtual cities, but also specific (topological) operations allowing to compute features and to modify the represented objects (buildings, houses, streets…), while guarantying the topological validity of the underlying space subdivision.
  • 3D compact models: the goal here is to define compact representations that still allow efficient modification operations. The proposed solution must be able to represent big volumic meshes mixing different type of irregular cells, like for examples all the possible cells generated by GMsh [2] but also all type of irregular cells. The compact representation must be able to support efficient and local modification operations with efficient complexities, must support navigation thanks to neighborhood operators and must allow rapid and progressive visualization.

Job description

We are looking for candidates interested in computational geometry and/or geometric modeling. A PhD in computational geometry, computer graphics or computer sciences is requested, with experience in data-structures and algorithms. The positions have no teaching duty.

A strong experience in C++ programming is required. A knowledge of CGAL library [3] being particularly appreciated. Indeed, developments made in this project will be based on this library and more particularly on the two packages of combinatorial maps and linear cell complexes [4,5], and will be integrated in the MEPP platform [6].

The terms and conditions of employment are in accordance with the policy of the Université of Lyon, with a net salary 2050 euros per month. Each position is a 1 year position. The successful candidates will be members of LIRIS  laboratory in Lyon.


The two positions are available from September 2017. All applications should include a detailed CV containing a list of publications, a motivation letter, and contact details of at least two references (all documents in PDF only).

Please submit your queries/application before May 15, via email at


[1] VCity:

[2] GMsh:

[3] CGAL:

[4] CGAL Combinatorial maps:

[5] CGAL Linear cell complexes:

[6] Mepp – 3D MEsh Processing Platform:

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