UMI3D: Unified Model for Interaction in 3D

The objectives of the UMI3D project are to simplify the collaboration between multiple and potentially asymmetrical devices in Augmented and Virtual realities, and to enable the design of collaborative applications without a prior knowledge of user devices.


One device is not enough

In complex cooperative situations, the tasks diversity is very high. The main limitation to support this kind of situation with AR or VR is that one device can be at the same time very performant for some tasks, but unusable for some others. That is why one  device is not enough to support complex cooperative situations. Examples of such situations are multiple in industry,
particularly when they involve actors with different roles and trades.

New devices are coming ever faster

A fierce competition between the device’s manufacturers leads to an ever faster progression of hardware. As a result, we regularly re-develop our applications from the beginning with new devices. This issue slows the validation of the use
cases, and is aggravated by the need to support several devices.

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