Stage « Optimizing 3D rendering with modern culling techniques » chez Otpis


A world leader in the development of optical simulation software.

OPTIS is a French company specialized in the simulation of light and the design of virtual prototypes. Since its creation in 1989, OPTIS revolutionizes the industrial design and engineering processes by eliminating physical prototyping.

More than 2,500 customers in more than 50 countries today trust OPTIS to innovate day after day, in the automotive, aerospace, lighting, architecture, defense, and electronics industries.

The quality of OPTIS’ solutions enables its prestigious customers to speed up their time-to-market significantly while reducing their ecological footprint.

Joining OPTIS means choosing an international community of more than 250 genuinely passionate people, in an attractive sector.

The steady growth of OPTIS ensures each of its talents extensive professional development prospect.


Within the Realtime kernel & interfaces team and in collaboration with the rendering team, you will contribute to improve the performances of the OPTIS 3D renderer in very large scenes in which some objects are in the camera frustum but occulted by larger objects, following these main steps:

  • Bibliography study of existing techniques (Pros/Cons)
  • Implementing CPU algorithms (culling method based on space subdivision and bounding boxes/spheres with subdivisions)
  • Implementing GPU algorithms (occlusion query and early-z rejection)
  • Considering complex objects (concave, with holes, transparency) in a static or dynamic context for future architecture and algorithms.


University student Master 1 or 2, or equivalent graduation certificate.

Required skills: C++ and or C# skills on software development framework, knowledges in 3D geometric mathematical, scene graph manipulation and 3D rendering pipeline, GPU programming would be a plus (GLSL/HLSL).

Software: Visual Studio and Source Code Management (GIT like)

The candidate must speak French and/or English.


Location will be at Valbonne (06) in France.

Duration will be from 3 to 6 months.


Send your application (Resume + cover letter) in digital format to:

HR Dept. |

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