Research Engineer in Virtual reality for bio imaging viewing


Research projects in biology and medicine are nowadays generating a tremendous number of 3D images based on various technics such as MRI, tomography, CT Scans, confocal and light sheet microscopy, etc. Most existing tools to explore, analyze and annotate these images are currently working in a flat 2D screens. This makes manipulations and analysis of these images complex and not fully satisfactory.

Recent advances in virtual and augmented realities allowed to produce affordable devices with sufficient performances to step up rendering of 3D biological images from 2D screen to headmounted virtual/augmented reality devices. Many libraries are also nowadays available to simply develop interactions within virtual 3D worlds that can be used as tools for researchers.


Two biology research laboratories, Stromalab (INSERM U1031) and ITAV (CNRS USR3505) together with scientific and technical support of the computer science institute of Toulouse (IRIT – CNRS UMR5505) are joining their effort to develop a dedicated virtual/augmented reality platform. The aim of this facility will be to allow researchers from different fields of biology to explore, analyze and annotate their 3D images, acquired with different technics.

The objectives of the hired research engineer will be to develop an easy-to-use software rendering 3D images in virtual reality using an HTC Vive headset at first. The 10-month contract proposed for this position aims at prototyping such a tool in order to evaluate the feasibility of such a visualization and manipulation platform of 3D images.


We are looking for candidates with experience in 3D image rendering. Excellent programming skills in C++/C# are necessary with good knowledge of shaders and 3D and VRrelated libraries such as OpenVR, OpenGL, etc.

Experiences with doing quick prototyping, Unity, human-computer interface, software simulation and working with non-computer scientists would be a plus.

Salary & Duration:

CNRS Research Engineer position with salary according to the candidate professional experience. Position will include health care, retirement and all French system advantages.

10-month contract with possible extension depending on future fundings. Contract will start on September 1st 2019 (negotiable).


The project will take place at ITAV, 1 place Pierre Potier in Toulouse, France. ITAV is a multidisciplinary research institute regrouping various research teams in various domains such as biology, physics, chemistry, mathematics and computer science with applications to life science and medicine.


Candidates must send their resume, letter of motivation and by June 16th by email to the address provided in the contact section.


Sylvain Cussat-Blanc, PhD in computer science

+33 (0)5 61 12 87 98 or +33 (0)5 82 99 10 35

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