IEEE VR Workshop on Off-The-Shelf Virtual Reality (OTSVR 2013)

Call for Papers

Workshop on Off-The-Shelf Virtual Reality
IEEE Virtual Reality 2013, Orlando, FL
March 16, 2013

The past several years has seen a dramatic shift towards the use of consumer and hobbyist devices in virtual reality systems and 3D user interfaces.  Spurred by the video game industry, inexpensive motion sensing input devices are commonplace among home users, and have acted as a catalyst for innovation among researchers and hobbyists alike.  Combined with the availability of lower cost, high-resolution displays and powerful mobile smartphone and tablet devices capable of realistic 3D rendering, it is now possible to create compelling immersive experiences at a fraction of the previous cost and with greater potential for widespread adoption.

The Workshop on Off-The-Shelf Virtual Reality is intended to bring together researchers, professionals, and hobbyists to share ideas that leverage off-the-shelf technology for the creation of virtual reality experiences.  Building on a successful workshop from IEEE VR 2012, OTSVR 2013 will provide a venue for sharing novel hardware prototypes, software toolkits, interaction techniques, and novel immersive systems and applications that integrate low-cost consumer and hobbyist devices.  With an eye towards penetrating the barrier for widespread use, the workshop will focus specifically on research and applications using technology that is replicable at the price point of a typical home user.   Specific areas of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Low-cost immersive hardware designs and prototypes
  • Software toolkits for leveraging off-the-shelf technology
  • Virtual/augmented reality using smartphones or tablet devices
  • Inexpensive immersive display or projection technology
  • Novel systems or interaction techniques using low-cost motion sensing devices such as the Microsoft Kinect, Nintendo Wiimote, or Playstation Move
  • Evaluations of immersive applications that can be deployed using consumer level devices

We are soliciting papers (up to 8 pages, minimum 2 pages) describing technological prototypes, design work, or research results using off-the-shelf virtual reality technology.  Authors of accepted papers will be invited to formally present their work at the workshop.  Papers should be prepared using the IEEE Computer Society format described at:

All authors will also be invited to participate in an interactive live demo session at the workshop.  While a live demo is not required, they are highly encouraged to promote audience participation and discussion.

Important note: While we welcome submissions that use expensive specialized hardware for prototyping new techniques, this workshop is focused on using off-the-shelf components and inexpensive consumer level devices for virtual reality.  Submitted papers that cannot be reasonably replicated in a home or office setting are likely to be rejected.  If you have any questions about whether your work is appropriate, we encourage you to contact the organizers.

The deadline for submission is February 16, 2013.  All submissions will be peer reviewed.  Notification of accepted papers will occur on March 1.

Papers should be anonymized and submitted in PDF format using the online submission system at:

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